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Vrijzinnig humanisten wereldwijd tegen racisme en haat Vrijzinnig humanisten wereldwijd tegen racisme en haat Lees hieronder de oproepvan IHEU (International Humanist and Ethical Union) om samen sterk te staan tegen racisme en haat. Dit naar aanleiding van het groeiend (geweldadig) racisme en de extreem-rechtse beweging in de Verenigde Staten In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s election, and in the face of significant evidence that he would not be a normal president, last November we made a pledge to “continue to advance humanist ideas and to resist bigotry and prejudice”. Of course there are worse leaders and more bloody regimes currently in the world, but as we said in December: “As the most influential and powerful country in the world, the US continues to set precedents and has an impact on world affairs much greater than the size of its population.” The atmosphere of impunity and even encouragement for racist nationalist extremism in the United States must not go unchallenged. Today, the IHEU has just released a statement in cooperation with the American Humanist Association on the white supremacist rally and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia at the weekend. It begins:”We condemn in the strongest terms the hatred and white supremacist ideology represented by the Charlottesville protesters. “It must be clear that the central thrust of the Unite the Right” march is extreme bigotry: its rhetoric seeks to divide and exclude Americans